Dog Whistles

Dog whistles take advantage of their ability to hear at high pitched frequencies. Dog whistles will often emit a sound that we are unable to hear, but are perfectly audible to your four-legged friend. When it comes to training, dog whistles can produce a range of different tones and even sequences that your dog can learn. On recognizing sounds, they can also learn to respond to them in specific ways. With the right methods and lots of patience, dogs can learn a lot of different commands. For some people, a dog whistle is ideal just to have their pooch come running back to them when called.

Dogs have excellent hearing. Not only can they hear at greater distances than we can, they can also hear at more frequencies. This superb hearing can be advantageous useful to us if we can tap into it.

Whether for complex training, or just for an effective way to call your pooch back home, dog whistles are very useful to have. They are easy to use, and very affordable to buy.

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