Keeping Cat and Dog Teeth Clean

Author: Richard Farrell   Date Posted:3 January 2018 

Cat and dog teeth should last their lifetime if they follow a natural diet, because they seldom live longer than their teens. Crunching bones could clear their teeth from deposits that cause decay in humans. If we feed them soft tinned food, and biscuits soaking in yummy gravy we run counter to this principle. Once spoiled, they may not want to go back to dry pellets. Let’s explore other ways of keeping cat and dog teeth clean.

Keeping Cat and Dog Teeth Clean Naturally

It is quite okay to continue feeding them biscuits soaking in delicious gravy, and pre-prepared food in cans and sachets. Quality products like these are balanced meals with all essential ingredients added. Chat with us before changing to a new brand, just to make sure they contain everything they should.

You could go a long way to keeping cat and dog teeth clean between meals by adding soft bones to their food. These will scour the deposits away, while meeting their need for calcium and phosphorus. These nutrients are common in beef, chicken, lamb, pork, and turkey bones. Cats need the small, soft tasty bits. Dogs will gnaw anything they can get their teeth around. 

Your pet inherited countless generations’ experience of crunching bones. For extra safety make sure you remove loose spiky bits, and stay near them while they enjoy one of nature’s tasty treats. A few crunchy late-night snacks when settling down in bed, add value too while you assure them of your love.

Dog Skull Teeth

A post in The Mercury inspired us to write this. It goes into detail regarding assisted dental care. We could save money on expensive vet bills by brushing our pet’s teeth ourselves. However, keeping cat and dog teeth clean this way takes time for both parties to get used to. Here’s how to about it according to Banfield Pet Hospital.

  • Purchase a suitable-size pet’s toothbrush online or from a pet shop
  • Use animal toothpaste flavoured with e.g. malt or poultry
  • Offer a small sample of the paste to make sure they like it
  • Never force things, gently lift a lip to expose the teeth
  • Use gentle motions to clean the outside teeth surfaces
  • Leave the inside surfaces alone initially if they object

Reward your pet immediately afterwards with love, affection, treats, and their favourite petting activity.

Include Teeth in Their Annual Health Check

You can go a long way to keeping cats and dog teeth clean and healthy by following this simple advice. It’s also great for bonding generally, and getting to know each other better. Do ask your vet to check their teeth too during their annual visit. Pets do not like smelly breath any more than we do. That way, they will look forward to the next session and you will start enjoying it too.


Image Acknowledgements

Cat Skull: Tim Vickers BY CC 3.0

Dog Skulls: Messy Beast BY CC 3.0