How dogs can tell the time

Date Posted:13 June 2018 

Can dogs tell time? Does my dog know how long I've been gone for? The answer to both of these questions is yes! Learn more about how your dog understands time and how they seem to always know when it is time to be fed or for you to wake up!

Dogs can actually smell the passage of time because of their super sniffing powers. Dogs have 300 million receptor cells compared to 6 million in the human nose, 50 times more! They can tell how long ago you left the house by how much of your smell is left in the air. The longer you've been away the weaker the smell.

So time actually smells different to dogs throughout the entire day. Their noses are so sensitive that 5.00pm smells different than 6.00pm, which explains why they're so excited when we get home from work. Dogs tell time whether we're home or not which makes them great alarm clocks but it is also how they know when it is dinner time. And when we're running late they always know but never hold is against us.

Can Dogs Tell Time? Explain in Video

This is a short video by BARK that explains how your dog can smell time.

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