Cats Flea & Heartworm Control Treatments

Treating cats for fleas, heartworms and intestinal worms is one of the most important things you can do for your feline. As cats are so mischievous they find themselves in some odd places where it can be very easy for them to pick something up. Making sure that your cat is treated will give you peace of mind while keeping your cat happy and healthy. We sell products to protect and treat your cat from all of these little nasties. Here is a list of the products we sell, categorized into what they do:

Fleas: Advantage, Frontline Plus, Capstar
Fleas, Heartworms & Intestinal Worms: Advocate, Revolution
Intestinal Worms: Drontal

Advocate for Cats Flea & Heartworm Control
Revolution for Cats Flea & Heartwom Control
Comfortis for Cats
Advantage for Cats Flea Control Treatment
Frontline Plus for Cats Flea Control Treatment
Frontline Original for Cats
Capstar for Cats Flea Control Tablets
Drontal All Wormer for Cats
Profender for Cats
ParaGard Allwormer for Cats
Activyl for Cats
Program for Cats
Seresto for Cats

My Flea Trap - AC Adapter

My Flea Trap - AC Adapter