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This is a 3 month supply of Advantix for Dogs 4-10 kgs Flea & Tick Control Treatment. This 3 Pack of Advantix for Dogs 4-10 kgs Flea & Tick Control Treatment comes in a Teal pack. Advantix treats your dog for Adult Fleas, Flea Eggs, Flea Larvae, Paralysis Ticks, Bush Ticks, Brown Ticks, Mosquitoes, Sandflies, Lice and Biting Flies. We make it easy to buy Advantix for Dogs 4-10 kgs Flea & Tick Control Treatment at a cheap price at Advantix for Dogs Flea & Tick Control.

About Advantix for Dogs

* Repels and kills paralysis ticks for 2 weeks.

* Repels and kills bush and brown dog ticks for 2 weeks.

* Kills Fleas for 1 month.

* Kills flea larvae for 1 month.

* Reduces flea allery dermatitis for 1 month.

* Repels/kills mosquitoes and sandflies for 1 month.

* Controls lice for 1 month.

* Repels stable biting flies for 1 month.

Other information about Advantix

- Advantix for Dogs 4-10 kgs contains 1.0 ml per tube.

- Do not use Advantix on cats, and we also recommend not using Advantix on your dog if you also have a cat or cats in your house hold.

Video about Advantix Tick Treatment

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